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KangYing Products win reputation worldwide

2010-04-21 11:00:05 click102 from:admin

  In China we got a saying "Never worry about marketing If you have something really good!" this is to praise the good merchandise which could bring big convenience and comfortable life to human beings. Our chao jimengnan series products was not a well known brand 7 years ago, that is because It is not good enough. but with the improvement after we opened the foriegn market, we have spent much money on quality control and material revolution, our chao jimengnan sereis products has become more and more popular and got its unique reputation.

  Chao Jimengnan tablets, Chao Jimengnan capsules, Qing Tian Zhu tablets, Qing tian zhu Capsule and potala palance energetic capsules are the five star products and every year we exported to USA, CANADA,SOUTH AFRICA,BRAZIL,PUERTO RICO,EUROPEAN UNION a lot and we have got sole agent in some traditional market, and the customer really love our products.

  Mr Frank lord is our customer in Florida, USA. he buys our products about 3 years ago and we have become good friend therefore, and then every month the increase buying from us.and he always say in this way "Nothing can make me feel better than sold all the blister that buying from you in one week". I guess for Mr Frank, this means he can make money quite quickly. and later we encourage Mr Frank to develop his own brand.another 2 years has passed, right now Mr Frank is driving his new BMW 5 in Miami city and plans to sell his own brand to SOUTH AMERICA, cause some agents has found him..

  We need to always show respect to our customer worldwide. they love our products and treasure it as good friends. I hope more and more customer will have the opportunity to taste our tablets, and finally you will love our products like thousands of customer did before.