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Company Introduction  


Shanghai Anda Electronic electronic Company are a professional company focus on Natural food supplement, health food supplement and alternative medicine, special medical use prescription food supplement. We have our own GMP certificated Factory: Shanghai KangYing biotechnology Co.,ltd., Each year we spent Time and Energy on research new formula & new type supplement,Based on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine and modern biotechnology, we have firmly developed & improved several formula and get high reputation from worldwide customer, and our products range include Vitamin A to Z, organic green & red tea,Melatonin capsule & tablet,Protein powder, slimming capsule, weight loss cream & slimming coffee, coenzyme-Q10,herbal anti-ED tablet & enlargement products, herbal male enhancement, calcium capsule, MOVE-FREE serious Aminoglycochondromycin & calcium capsule,herbal tablet for high blood sugar, high blood pressure,hyperlipidemia, bes bee pollen, broke shell bee pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, we always provide better products and better wisdom to customer worldwide.


Right now we have successfully help customer create their own brand in USA, UK, Romania, South Africa,Nigeria and Zambia, Mexico, India & Netherlands, more and more customer are joining our distribution network, and harvest more positive feedback. No matter small or big your business is, we all welcome your corporation, based on our own GMP factory, we provide OEM/ODM service and develop proper formula for your market, no matter tablet, capsule or softgel, powder drink, Tea bag. With the experience of helping customer grow from small to big, we would like to be your stable supplier and strategy partnership in your future business.

ShangHai KangYing Biotechnology Co.,ltd. is the affiliated factory of Shanghai Anda Electronic commerce Co.,ltd. Which focus on the Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine and bring alternative medical solution for worldwide customers. "Kang Ying" Means "Health Win everything" In Chinese,Every Year Kangying biotechnology manufactured all kinds of Traditional Chinese medicine like natural enhancement( potala palace energetic capsule,Chao Jimengnan), Weight loss products and sleeping adjustment capsule, and there are plenty of more natural prescription are researched. We always believe that ancient Tradtional Chinese medicine will be more and more popular in the world which existed in China for thousands of years, and Traditional Chinese medicine will contribute his unique value and wisdom to human beings.

  We not only define KangYing Biotechnology enterprise as the factory which produce tablet and capsule for Anda Electronic Inc,but also the base where we run our own TCM brands. Every Year there are all kinds of TCM brands born here and then marketed to worldwide through our distributor and agents, and also our branch company - Basic Union (HK) Trade ltd which located in HongKong, And in KangYing people are working hard to access more herbal solution for the disease that people faced worldwide:,Sleeping disorder,high blood pressure,diabetes,Over Weight,aging face,depression,Erectle Dysfunction,Prematuer Ejaculation and so on.

  Right Now we have successfully Exported our products to USA(New York, California, Los angeles, New Jersey...),Puerto Rico,Canada, European Union(Germany, Slovakia,UK,Nerthland,Austria,Rominia,Switerland), Australia, South Africa and Southern America, Caribbean area.And our agents are selling incredible fast and they are doing great,"People love these products, they are working good, and there is almost no side effect, this is perfect solution.", that is the voice we heared from our customer worldwide, and we are working hard for this voice, day by day, year by year.