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We have got several mature prescription which has been on market for several years for Natural enhancement,weight loss and sleeping mediator and rest.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine has got many incredible natural prescriptio which has been used for thousands of years in China history, these prescription are used to cure almost all kinds of disease. Without tube and infusion or surgery, without Chemstiry drugs, Traditional Chinese medicine just use the natural herbs like ginseng,radices rehmanniae,ginger,mineral,animal bones,deer root. The greatest prescription is using the scientific proportion of these herbs and boil it into soup, after people take it and they will recover quickly.

Today, we are using the nanometer technology to break these natural herbs into very small ingredient, and then put the respective Herbal extractive together into capsule or tablets. This has saved quite a lot of time for the customer, they only need to take the tablet or capsule whe n they need,and this has greatly changed the speed that traditional Chinese medicine broadcasts.

Such prescription has proved to be quite safe, and we have been selling these products for several years and doesn't receive any bad feedback.