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About Us

  As a fast growing biotechnology enterprise, we treat the employee's growing as the first important part of business. before our team memeber start to work in the company, we provide 21 days training and everyone could be the teacher, we let the new staff to realize deeply what we are doing, and how to make it good, and How to competent member.


  In the next 5 years, we will continue recruit new member to join our enterprise. and We are working together to creat the kingdom of traditional Chinese medicine. and we want everybody to be fully growed everyday in our company, and we provide opportunity to the possible one:

(1). Project manager, starting to develop new prescription and produce it, and then market it worldwide.

(2).Quality control Manager

(3).Prescription Research Team

(4).Foreign branch Manager, we will set up our branch office in USA and European Union within 3 years, and we need at least 2 competent manger there.

At that time, we want to provide at least 100 different Job position for our employee.