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About Us
  Core Value

KangYing Enterprise has six core values which govern everything we do and are an important part of the company's DNA. Our six core values are codified in our company's management.

When new employees join KangYing Enterprise, they attend an extensive orientation and team building program in ShangHai, with a strong focus on the company's vision, mission, and values. These are reinforced in our regular training programs, team building exercises and company events.

KangYing's Shared Values

Customer First The interests of our customer's need must be our first priority.
Teamwork We expect our employees to collaborate as a team. We encourage input from our employees in the decision-making process, and expect every employee to commit to the team's objectives.
Embrace Change We operate in a fast-evolving industry. We ask our employees to maintain flexibility, continue to innovate and adapt to new business conditions and practice.
Integrity Integrity is at the heart of our business as trust is an essential element of a marketplace. We expect our employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to deliver on their commitments.
Passion Our employees are encouraged to act with passion whether it is serving customers or developing new services and products.
Commitment Our employees have a dedicated focus and commitment to understanding and delivering on the needs of Customer.


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